evidence of identity


diploma with distinction (2013) at the Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) Photography Collage in Warsaw, artistic supervision: Mikołaj Grynberg

I watch the fragments of their bodies covered with ink. The multitude of tattoos, as well as the variety of those who wear them is fascinating. Why do people do this? The experience of tattooing – although rich in adrenalin and addictive – is
painful and the pattern remains on the skin forever. For me, tattoos are the evidences of their „owners” identities. Like special trademarks people use to express themselves in many ways (their fascinations, interests, emotions and esthetic tastes). Tattooing will go hand in hand with the desire to be unique and to stand out, which is a part of the contemporary cult of individualism. You can treat the human body as „life story” or as a blank canvas to fill. Regardless of motivation, a tattoo becomes an integral part of one’s body, showing their personality. Therefore, I decided to combine the portraits and tattoos on my photographs. All were created during few seconds of exposure and the effect of diffusion naturally shows how these two evidences of identity are mixed together.